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  • How to Improve the Performance of an Air Conditioning Unit

    How to Improve the Performance of an Air Conditioning Unit

    The US Department of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees in the spring and summer. Doing this at least eight hours a day could help you save up to 10% on cooling bills.

    Keep reading to know how post-winter air conditioning maintenance at Wayne Bryant Heating and Cooling LLC, among the following, could improve your AC’s performance.

    Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

    Your air conditioning unit has an outdoor component facing the elements 24/7. Imagine all the dirt and debris in your area, from grass to shrubs to weeding spores, which have the annoying tendency to grow everywhere.

    Prevent them from clogging up or taking root anywhere near the outdoor component by cleaning the area and removing any vegetation as soon as it appears.

    Revamp Your Attic and Basement

    The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends people with older homes insulate their attics and basements. While we’ve been building homes to maintain indoor temperatures for quite a while now, you might be surprised by how many still leave a lot to be desired, insulation-wise.

    Limit the air circulation to your dimensions and prevent it from radiating out by resealing your home from top to bottom and wall to wall. Limit your AC’s work by limiting its reach.

    The Exterior Part of a Freshly Repaired Home Cooling Unit

    Invest in Air Duct Cleaning Services

    If you’ve eschewed a ductless HVAC system for vents, you have your work cut out. While you’d be wise not to block your vents with furniture and other external barriers, you’ll also want to ensure the interior area of your ducts is clean and allows free-flowing air.

    You could always vacuum your ducts, but that may not clean them completely. Professional duct cleaners have the equipment and experience to reach inside your vents and take care of even the most evasive dirt particles. Get them cleaned at least once a year to keep your interior cool and costs down.

    Take Preventive Measures

    Taking advance measures, such as inspection and tune-up, could spare your unit a lot of hard work and may help you save up to 15% on utility bills. The transitioning period between spring and summer, when it’s not too warm, is the best time to get your air conditioner checked.

    Let our experts look into your home cooling system and detect any faults that might be cooling your home less and costing you more. Once you’ve invested in a cooling system installation with us, don’t stop there. Instead, sign up for once-a-year HVAC maintenance services to keep everything in running order.

    Call our HVAC services for a quick checkup today.





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