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  • Your Once-a-Year Heating Tune-up Service in North Carolina

    As with your cooling system, you must get a heating tune-up service at the start of every heating season to ensure optimum performance in the following months and avoid expensive breakdowns halfway through the frigid winters. By treating your furnace to a tune-up service in Wake, you all but guarantee zero downtime for the heater.

    Return to a pleasantly warm home in the upcoming months by hiring our heating tune-up service in Wake and surrounding counties. Clean out your heating system, have all the components double-checked, and fix any faults before they get the best of your furnace.

    When it comes to HVAC systems, you’ll find that the longer you wait, the more expensive it’ll be to repair or replace the components protecting your home from the frigid outdoors. If you want to make your heating system last 15–20 years, you need to take the following preventive measures included in a heating tune-up service in Wake County by Wayne Bryant Heating and Cooling LLC.

    Heating Tune-up Inspection

    An inspection of your HVAC system would involve a perusal of all parts, including:

    • Thermostat
    • Air filter
    • Burner
    • Heat exchanger
    • Ductwork
    • Igniter
    • Gas meter
    • Air handler

    Heating Tune-up Service

    If the inspection involved checks, the service includes action. While repairs and replacements depend on the condition of your components, we make it a point to replace the air filter unless it’s brand-new and looks impeccable, in which case a simple cleaning job would do just as well.

    Our heating tune-up service also involves recalibrating your thermostat and electrical components. We don’t just limit cleaning to air filters but also extend it to other parts, such as:

    • Indoor and outdoor coils
    • Burners
    • The contents of your blower compartment

    Just in Time for a Heating Tune-up Service

    A heating breakdown isn’t just an expensive pain to deal with; it can also be seriously detrimental to your health. No matter how busy a life we might lead, we all return home to sleep.

    Wouldn’t it be better to spare yourself the time, money, and grief of a broken heating system with preventive heating tune-ups at least once every year?

    If you can’t be bothered with the process of the heating tune-up service, don’t be. Our certified contractors keep every step, from scheduling the heating tune-up inspection to the house visits to the heating tune-up service, straightforward.

    Don’t believe us? Pick up that phone and dial 919.631.5132 or text us on the same number for a heating tune-up service in Wake, Johnston, or Harnett, NC. You can also use our helpline to request an emergency service to fix a malfunctioning HVAC system.

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