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  • 3 Quiet Signs of a Failing Furnace

    3 Quiet Signs of a Failing Furnace

    Your home is probably not as consistently toasty and warm as it should be because you missed earlier signs of a malfunction. When something goes bump inside a furnace, it’s better to address it with Wayne Bryant Heating and Cooling LLC early, lest it cost you a furnace replacement service down the line.

    Check out the following signs to address furnace malfunction sooner rather than later.

    1. Short-cycling

    Furnace short-cycling is when your heating system turns off before it can reach the desired temperature. When this happens more frequently than normal heating cycles, something in your system might stop the heating process from completing.

    Possible suspects include:

    • A dirty filter.
    • A malfunctioning thermostat.
    • A clogged furnace flue.
    • Faulty fan switch.
    • A damaged or dirty flame sensor.

    2. Yellow Flame

    If you have a gas-powered furnace system, we recommend checking the flame color as you fire it up. You might have to open the service door or already have a peephole to see the flame.

    The burner isn’t processing all the gas if the flame is yellow. When that happens, your home may not feel as warm, and the furnace might lose its ability to vent the resulting carbon monoxide completely, affecting indoor air quality.

    3. Higher Energy Bills

    When a furnace isn’t maintained properly, it has to work twice as hard and consume more energy to warm your house. You might give higher utility bills the benefit of the doubt in cold weather, but they don’t have an excuse to work extra hard in moderate temperatures.

    If you’re paying through the teeth in utilities due to using the furnace in the summer evenings, you might want to have it looked at. Your furnace might be underperforming due to a dirty filter or something more serious.

    4. Dripping Water

    Moisture can emanate from a gas-powered furnace or air conditioner. Therefore, you must first try and detect where it’s coming from by turning on the appliances at different times.

    If your furnace is the appliance causing the water leak, it might indicate:

    • Incorrectly installed condensate lines.
    • Faulty check valves.
    • Clogged condensate lines.
    • A leaky humidifier.

    As soon as you notice the above signs, request our heater maintenance services in Garner to diagnose the issue. We provide your county with all scheduled and emergency HVAC services, including heater repair, furnace installation and repair, heating tune-up services, and more.

    Get in touch to request a repair, replacement, or new heating system installation in Garner.

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