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  • Unveiling the Mysteries of Split AC Installation

    Unveiling the Mysteries of Split AC Installation

    When temperatures soar, there is no denying the necessity for cutting-edge cooling equipment, and split air conditioners are at the top of the heap in this regard.

    Split air conditioners feature a two-part construction. There is an indoor unit placed anywhere in the house and an attached external unit called a condenser. Split ACs are favored by those who value efficiency and aesthetics in their home cooling systems due to their novel design.

    Wayne Bryant Heating and Cooling is a family-owned company, who are expert in installing split ACs. We offer our split AC installation services in North Carolina areas such as Apex, Fuquay-Varina, Clayton, and Garner cities and Wake, Johnston, and Harnett counties.

    What Is The The Installation Procedure Of Split AC?

    1. Site Check: A complete site examination is performed before the start of any project.
    2. Indoor Unit Installation: The indoor unit, or evaporator, is attached to a wall within the house.
    3. Setting Up the Outdoor Unit: The condenser, located outside, must be set up on a level and solid surface, like the ground or a concrete platform. The location is carefully chosen to ensure adequate airflow for efficient heat dissipation.

    An image of the outdoor unit of a split AC

    1. Refrigerant Piping: The heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor units is made possible by refrigerant pipes connecting the two. Pipes are thoroughly insulated to ensure maximum efficiency.
    2. Wiring and Plugs: The installation crew ensures that the indoor and outdoor devices are properly wired to the power source.
    3. Water Drainage: Condensate drainage is installed to collect and drain the water that forms a byproduct of the cooling process.
    4. Verification and Activation: After the installation, the air conditioning system is put through extensive testing and commissioning. Testing the overall functionality of the unit, as well as inspecting for gas leaks and confirming proper electrical connections, is part of this process.
    5. System Setup: The installation crew adjusts the temperature and other controls of the air conditioner after a successful test.
    6. Training for Customers: Finally, the installation crew conducts a brief instructional session with the customer to go over basic AC system maintenance and operation.

    What Are The Top 3 Benefits Of Installing a Split AC?

    1. Conserving Energy:

    Split air conditioners offer significant reductions in energy costs compared to conventional air conditioners. Split units are ingeniously designed, allowing for precise cooling regulation that cuts costs.

    2. Easy Maintenance:

    Separate inside and outdoor units make maintaining a split air conditioner easy. Maintaining your air conditioner with regular cleaning and filter changes will keep it running smoothly and reliably for years.

    3. Simple Setup:

    Installing a split AC unit doesn’t take long, so you can start enjoying the cooling relief it provides almost immediately after purchasing one.

    Wayne Bryant Heating and Cooling Are Professionals At Installing a Split AC

    Split ACs are a great source of providing cooling comfort in the scorching heat. Although its installation process is quite simple, hiring a professional split AC installation service provider is crucial to avoid any issues.

    Wayne Bryant Heating and Cooling are one of the most trusted AC installation and repair service providers in the North Carolina area. Being a family-run business, we ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our work.

    So, reach out to us now for professional AC installation service.

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